The Orthodox Anglo Community at IDC

The OU-JLIC at IDC Herzliya mainly serves the Anglo students, giving them a home so far away from home, Torah study opportunities in English, and a venue to meet other Anglo students. OU-JLIC offers weekly social programing for the Anglo student community and a very popular monthly challah bake.

Hillel at IDC

Hillel IDC, in partnership with The Raphael Recanati International School’s Social and Cultural Program, offers international and Israeli students various opportunities to connect around events, programs and holidays that emphasize the relevance of the Global Jewish family. There is a weekday OU-JLIC Shacharit as well as multiple Mincha and Maariv minyanim on campus. Through OU-JLIC, there are shiurim, chaburot and chevrutah learning and also many “peer shiurim,” where students teach. Students that did not study in Israel for a gap year, may be eligible for a MASA scholarship towards study at IDC.


Shabbat is great time to meet other students. While the majority of students attend their local synagogues and eat Shabbat meals in their personal residences, OU-JLIC does run a Friday night minyan, and a few times a year Hillel runs a communal Shabbat dinner. During the day, OU-JLIC organizes a potluck style “Kiddush in the Park.” Many students bring games or books to the park and hang out all afternoon until Mincha, followed by seudah shelishit at the Botwinicks. There is a student or educator given dvar torah, accompanied by singing and delicious food. Shabbat ends with Maariv and a musical havdallah.

Kosher Dining

It is the university’s policy that all food sold on campus must have a hechsher/teuda. There is a cafeteria with separate sides serving dairy and meat options. Several other buildings on campus have mini cafeterias as well. There are also many kosher restaurants in Herzliya itself.

Housing at IDC

Currently, Anglo Orthodox students at IDC predominantly live walking distance from campus in Herzliya. Some students commute from Giv’at Shmuel. IDC Herzliya is in the process of building student housing, which should be ready for December 2018.