OU-JLIC IDC Herzliya Mission

During their first year in IDC Herzliya, Co-Founders Nathaniel and David noticed a desperate need for revitalized Jewish life on and surrounding campus. They envisioned a community that provided for all the spiritual, social, and educational needs of the religious IDC student body.

Over the next few months, they began to work with visionaries of the Jewish world to get their vision into motion. Due to their intuition, hard work, and planning, OU-JLIC launched its first chapter in Israel at the commencement of the 2017/18 school year. The response on campus has been overwhelming. Now, students not only have a warm and loving OU-JLIC community but a caring family for their years abroad. OU-JLIC also provides a platform for students to step up and lead by creating initiatives that get them, and the rest of us, excited to be a part of something bigger. The ultimate vision is to create a sustainable orthodox community that students, graduates, young professionals, lone soldiers and olim who want to be a part of.  

Our principal objective is to provide students opportunities to stay engaged with religious values through learning, holiday programming, social events and chesed opportunities. A typical week with OU-JLIC consists of 3 minyanim a day, daily learning opportunities on and off campus, personal and Halachik guidance from the Botwinicks, chesed opportunities and Jewish holiday events and education. The highlight of the week is Shabbat. The first week of this semester there were 150 students at the singing filled Kabbalat Shabbat, about 200 students split were split up into meals around Herzliya and our iconic potluck Kiddush in the park with another 150 students. We conclude Shabbat at Rav Josh and Margot’s apartment with seudat shlisheit, words of Torah, singing and a musical Havdalah.

As OU-JLIC matures, our broader mission is to turn Herzliya into a thriving community for students young professionals, lone soldiers, students from other schools. Newlyweds and Olim Chadashim are already moving to Herzliya to become a part of our family! We consider this to be one of our biggest successes. We are quite literally changing the framework of the Herzliya community, in and out of IDC.

Student leaders have many more ideas to implement into the community from Shabbatonim, to guest speakers, chesed drives and much more! With many unbelievable events and programming on the horizon, the community is primed and ready to fulfill our goals.

At IDC, our student population consists of over 300 students from 85 different countries.


The OU-JLIC at IDC Herzliya, in partenrship with World Mizrachi, mainly serves the Anglo students, giving them a home so far away from home, Torah study opportunities in English, and a venue to meet other students, lone soldiers and others living in Herzliya. OU-JLIC offers weekly social programing for the Anglo student community and a very popular monthly challah bake.


It is the university’s policy that all food sold in the cafeterias on campus must have a hechsher/teuda under there Rabbanut of Herzliya. There is a cafeteria with separate sides serving dairy and meat options. Several other buildings on campus have mini cafeterias as well. There are also many kosher restaurants in Herzliya itself.


Herzliya is a beautiful city and known to be the cleanest in Israel! There are new dorms on campus that are single occupancy and shomer shabbat students are given lower floors. Many students live a 10-20 minute walk off campus near the shops and more central Herzliya locations. Students who live off campus have the ability to host big shabbat meals and host events/shiurim.