Shacharit on campus in S1 – 7:15am (8:15am during finals). Followed by breakfast and Halacha Chabburah with Rav Josh.
Want to sponsor a breakfast? Get in touch with MargotB.JLIC@gmail.com
Mincha on the Grass outside Arrison-Lauder every day 3:15pm (2:45pm during finals).
Maariv 6:00pm every day in S1.
See Tefillot@IDC Whatsapp Group for any updates for Rosh Chodesh or special breakfasts!


Friday Night Mincha/Kabblalat Shabbat on Campus in S1 – 5 minutes after Candle lighting.

Shabbat Day – 9am at Beit Protea Nursing Home.

Mincha at Gissin Street Shul, Followed by Seuda Shlishit, Ma’ariv and Havdallah at the Botwinicks.